Freestyle Adjustable Base

  • $1,199.00

Freestyle Adjustable Base

Freestyle Now Available

Revolutionize your foundation or existing platform bed with our Freestyle Adjustable Base. Freestyle can easily attach to most standard foundations or platforms right out of the box! It comes in a 3-inch steel frame with a sleek black finish to fit any style. Each base includes a back-lit wireless remote for easy adjustment of both upper and lower body positions, remote also features Zero-gravity and anti-snore modes with one touch flat! 

  • Designed for Existing Foundations or Platform Beds
  • Split deck Design  
  • Compact Packaging for easy install
  • Sleek Black Finish
  • Overall Base Height of 3 inches
  • Steel Frame
  • Wireless Back-lit Remote Control
  • German Engineered Motor
  • 20 year Warranty 

King (2 Twin XL make a King size) and Cal King  comes with two pieces. Each side can move independently or at the same time if you want to sync both together.

  • Wireless Backlit Remote Control
    • Zero-Gravity and Anti-Snore Positions
    • Upper Body Incline up to 70 degrees
    • Lower Body Incline up to 30 degrees
    • One Touch Flat Button
  • Safety Plus™ Features
    • Zero Pull Force
    • Emergency Power Down
    • Power Protection
    • Foundation anchors included
    • Connector plate to prevent separation of TXL size
    • Stand-by mode is ultra-energy efficient

Included Accessories:
Sync Cable for Pairing Bases (Twin XL’s Only)
Mattress Retainer Brackets (2)
Connector Plate (Twin XL’s Only) 

20 Year Limited Warranty
-Year 1: Full Coverage of Parts and Labor
-Years 2 and 20: Prorated Coverage of Parts Only (Non-Electrical)

Glideaway Free Style Manual Click Here to view.