8inch Luxury Futon
8inch Luxury Futon Side Close up
8inch Luxury Futon Inside Close up

8" Luxury Futon

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The lush handcrafted 8" Luxury Futon is all naturally hyper-allergic and 100% Organic. Handcrafted to be an everyday sleeper that is conducive to deep undisturbed sleep. Contains a 3 inch 100% organic latex core wrapped in 5 inches of certified organic batting that has processed locally to our exact standards. The final layer is high quality wool which enhances body heat in winter and coolness in summer. These layers produce an ideal balance of support, comfort, and durability. All materials are protected with a 7 oz, 100% organic cotton canvas case featuring expertly sewn square corners. Perfect for fitted sheets. Hand tufted to keep all materials in place.